7.5mm MAS

Belgium (1)Belgium (2)France (1)France (2)France (3)France (4)France (5)France (6)France (7)France (8)France (9)France (10)France (11)France (12)France (13)France (14)France (15)France (16)France (17)France (18)France (19)France (20)France (21)France (22)France (23)France (24)France (25)France (26)France (27)France (28)France (29)France (30)France (31)France (32)France (33)France (34)France (35)France (36)France (37)France (38)France (39)France (40)France (41)France (42)France (43)France (44)France (45)France (46)France (47)South Vietnam (1)Syria (1)Syria (2)Syria (3)Syria (4)Upper Volta (1)Yugoslavia (1)

Author: ProvideMeCoffee

I am a Canadian cartridge collector and member of the International Ammunition Association. I have taken on the hosting of this page to ensure that Jim's collection and work can continue to be available to cartridge collectors worldwide. It is a unique resource from which so many of us have benefited. Thanks Jim, for all your hard work and dedication to this community.

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